Guidance in Times of Trouble

During my career, I’ve seen many who face unchartered journeys filled with questions and fears regarding insurance coverage, lost wages, and medical bills. Insurance companies, regardless of who they represent, have their own agenda, adding to the frustration.
Deuteronomy 6:4-9

About Michael

While practicing law in Sarasota for nearly 25 years, Michael has handled hundreds of personal injury cases to completion, including cases involving automobile, motorcycle, trucking, cycling, pedestrian, boating, and other accidents in addition to products liability and nursing home cases. He has established himself in the greater Sarasota area as an accomplished attorney by caring for each client with individualized service and case strategy to realize maximum recovery. All of his cases have come to him by way of referrals, including doctors, lawyers, and past clients, and at times represented doctors and lawyers in their own personal injury cases.

Never believe anything is impossible

Michael is a second generation Cuban-American whose parents immigrated to America in the late 1950’s. His father encouraged him to never quit and never believe anything was impossible by often telling him, “por que no” meaning “why not?” This type of attitude prompted Michael to go to college and eventually study law at Southern Methodist University, Dedman School of Law located in Dallas, Texas, where he graduated in 1988. He’s the first person in his entire family to ever graduate from college. This attitude of “why not” has been important in Michael’s personal life, but also has been realized in his tenacity and focus on the personal injury cases he has handled over the years. After working for a highly regarded law firm in Sarasota for his first three years after law school, he decided to start his own firm in 1991. Since then, Michael has focused on helping injured clients through their personal injury cases.

An attorney with a theological foundation

In addition to being an attorney, Michael has also pursued advanced theological studies. In 2003, he began his theological studies at Dallas Theological Seminary where he completed a Master of Theology degree with a focus on New Testament studies, and all the while maintaining a thriving personal injury practice in Sarasota. He’s completed a PhD degree in Theological Education as well. As an attorney with this type of theological foundation, Michael is able to have a different perspective of his clients. He does not see them merely as personal injury clients, but sees them as having inherent value and dignity as humans created in the image of their Creator. With his advanced theological degrees, Michael has traveled and taught bible and theology at various bible colleges and seminaries within the Spanish-speaking world, including Cuba, Spain and some Latin American countries. Along with his law practice, Michael currently serves as a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and also director of their Spanish programs.

Legal representation with personalized care

Michael is able to offer his personal injury clients not only his many years of handling hundreds of personal injury cases, but an attitude that refuses to quit for his clients, and a perspective of his clients grounded upon his theological foundation. All this translates into his personal injury clients having legal representation based upon personalized care and aggressive advocacy.
Michael has been married for more than 30 years and has two adult children. Michael is also bilingual in English and Spanish.
Michael A. Ortiz | Injury Attorney

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