Frequently Asked Questions

“Blessed are they who maintain justice,
who constantly do what is right.”
Psalms 106:3

When should I contact an attorney?

As soon as possible. The insurance company is promptly on the case, caring for their own interests, and not yours. The sooner you have someone looking out for your interests, the better.

How is the value of each case determined?

In addition to general patterns, variables such as personal life-style changes, specific injuries, unpaid medical bills, and limitations to quality of life, play a role. I carefully analyze each case to determine its maximum value.

How will I know what medical treatment to receive?

My personal acquaintance with many medical providers allows me to direct my clients to professionals that not only provide excellent care, but also know how to properly document injuries.

How long is a personal injury case?

Personal injury cases should not be completed until all proper medical care is received, thus holding the at-fault party and their insurance company fully accountable. Each case is different, but most are completed in 6 to 24 months, depending on severity. I work diligently to complete each case as soon as possible.
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